Transitioning Gym Gear to Street Style

For my April column in College Times, I wrote about transitioning your gym look to an acceptable, out-in-public street style look. The biggest piece of advice I can offer is contrast. I typically always wear leggings when I work out – so if you’re like me and wear tighter pants, go with a looser top half. Also, if you sweat a lot (like me), then you’ll … Continue reading Transitioning Gym Gear to Street Style

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Coachella 2016: Day Two Look

If there’s anything I’ve learned about dressing for Coachella, it’s to take comfort seriously. Of course you want to get all festive and crazy (because when else can you wear chunky necklaces that cover your entire chest), but honestly – you’re in the middle of some polo fields for three days straight. It gets hot, you’re walking constantly (and jumping and dancing and everything in-between), … Continue reading Coachella 2016: Day Two Look

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Coachella 2016 Looks: Day One

It’s probably not a surprise that one of my favorite components of Coachella is the fashion. I’ve already spoken about this in previous posts, but it’s just so exciting to see all the fun outfits put together each year. It’s also, obviously, fun to be the one putting together outfits! So I figured I’d show some of the looks I’m planning for this upcoming weekend, … Continue reading Coachella 2016 Looks: Day One

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Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

I’m going to be completely honest: day one of wine tasting, I really thought I hated wine. I felt like eighth grade Taylor, when I hated sushi but wanted to like it because it seemed like the cool sophisticated thing to eat. Wine’s like the beverage of the classy working woman. I’m happy to say, however, I totally found my wine of preference: merlot. And … Continue reading Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

Liberty Market downtown Gilbert

Spring Break Gram and Gramp Style

Two 21 year olds dog sitting, watch CNN for hours on end and taking little lunch trips to downtown Gilbert’s Liberty Market is probably not the most common way to spend spring break. I know personally I picture beach trips and partying… And that’s fun and all, no denying that. Yet given the choice between that and my past week with Spencer – I wouldn’t … Continue reading Spring Break Gram and Gramp Style

Young Love Isn’t A Lesser Love

Young love always left a bad taste in my mouth. My parents had me at 18 and 19 and separated a few months after, so I can’t remember when my mom and dad lived under one roof. For awhile I was very resentful about this, and my “takeaway” lesson therefore was to find the perfect Prince and never let him go. When I attended elementary school, my best friend’s mom … Continue reading Young Love Isn’t A Lesser Love


Setting Up An Apartment-Sized Office

This semester I’m taking online classes, starting my thesis and receiving credit for an editorial internship at Arizona Foothills Magazine. I’m not much of an online class person, but it’s just how it worked out this semester. My biggest fear was my ability to focus, considering Spencer and I share a room.I’m also the type of person who needs the right atmosphere to get things … Continue reading Setting Up An Apartment-Sized Office

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Striped Trousers for an Office Casual Look

This past January I became a fashion columnist for College Times. I’ve been blessed the past year with several writing opportunities, such as becoming a contributor for Couture in the Suburbs, The Fashion Potential and intern for Arizona Foothills. I’m particularly excited for College Times, however, because it’s my first consistent printed journalism work! I’m printed at Arizona Foothills, but my first piece for them comes … Continue reading Striped Trousers for an Office Casual Look