Here’s To Lipstick And Transitions

DSC_0047I am a 19-year-old female from Phoenix, Arizona, and I have no clue what I have to offer you because rather than wisdom and advice I have rapidly changing thoughts and opinions, some experience at best and a handful of unanswered questions about life, love, you name it.

We can start with my title – lipstick and transitions. Where I was trying to go with this was how I loved watching women put on lipstick as a kid and when I got to a certain stage in my life, I started wearing lipstick myself.

19 years pass and I have more lipsticks than I can keep track of, and when I want to start fresh and have a really great day, I like to buy a new lipstick. So as I’m leaving the parking lot two days ago at the Biltmore after buying my lipstick I think, “YES! I’ll write a witty “ode” to lipstick as my first blog post.”

But when I started writing it, I thought about what image of myself I was projecting to the world and how my little blog might contribute to society’s objectified version of beauty.

Then I see an Elite Daily article discussing the media industry’s flawed perception of ‘beautiful’ women and basically how size 0 is the only form of beauty. (Which is stupid!)

Anyways, I’ve connected with these anti-size-zero ads. Even if they’re really just big corporations’ clever ways of manipulating women to buy their products… (Because after all, don’t you feel a little better about yourself when you buy from Dove knowing they promote ‘natural beauty’ and have cute commercials about protecting your daughter’s innocence?)

But even if they are from corporations simply trying to maximize profits by tugging on vulnerable women’s hearts, a part of me has to believe they buy into the idea too, that women are more than their pant size.

So tying this back to my title — I didn’t want to write an article about how I love lipstick (though I really do), because I didn’t want to put out this impression that you need lipstick to feel confident or beautiful. I don’t think you do!

I guess I just wanted to write a blog post for heaven’s sake! But it’s terrifying sitting behind this screen, typing on this keyboard, knowing that though it may be unlikely, it is possible that this post could affect other people.

So I will end how I started. I am a 19-year-old female from Phoenix, Arizona. My thoughts and opinions are constantly changing and I have no substantial advice to give you.

I have a love for writing and I suppose a superficial love for lipstick. I also like dancing, coffee, chocolate and on occasion, asking questions when I’m brave enough.

I’m working on putting myself out there and being less shy because I’m not always an introvert but I can be.

Hello. It’s nice to meet you.


5 thoughts on “Here’s To Lipstick And Transitions

  1. Taylor Seely you are a beautiful human being and I am so glad that you are brave enough to share all of your thoughts with the world online! I look forward to more blog posts and I cannot wait to see here your writing takes you in life! ❤

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