Heart Of Sedona Coffee Bar

windowA couple weeks back I shared my day trip to Sedona with you all, but what I left out was something I had to save for a post of it’s own: Heart of Sedona Coffee Bar.

It’s really no secret that I love coffee. Anyone who’s known me since sixth grade can probably tell you how obsessed I am.  I literally walked into school as a sixth grader with coffee everyday. (You can blame the addiction on my mother.)

coffee nookYou might be able to tell from this picture, but this coffee bar was very zen feelingMost coffee shops I’ve been to all have that similar cozy ‘I’m-in-a-cabin-and-it’s-winter-outside” feel, but this one didn’t at all, and I loved it! It was very unique. If I ever open a coffee shop (a secret dream of mine), I hope mine will have a special niche like this one did.

coffee pastry plainNow I was only there for one sitting, so I couldn’t try everything. But I can say I would take the three-hour drive back up there for one of these mocha’s any day.


It was just a simple café mocha, but it changed my world for the better. Too good. To the right I had a vegan double chocolate cake muffin! Pretty good too, but the mocha was obviously my fave!

Check out my video below to experience this coffee shop even more!


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