My Date With Howard, The Coffee Whiz

both us verticalWorld, meet Howard. Howard is a nice, older gentleman I met when I recently visited a new coffee shop in downtown Phoenix called Shine Coffee. I will do a post on it soon because the place was just too cute for words, but first… I want to share what a great experience I had with Howard.

Howard's Work AreaThis was Howard’s little work station in the corner of the Shine Coffee living room. He set it up to work on his blog, Supply Equals Demand. On his blog you can download books he’s written (for free as PDF’s). I haven’t read them yet, but based on my experience with him I’m going to bet they’re interesting.  (How cool that we both have blogs, huh?)

You see that coffee in the upper left corner? That’s an Americano. It’s also where he and I’s conversation began. He told me how Italian soldiers’ coffee in the Post World War II era was just a simple shot of espresso. For the American soldiers in Italy though, they wanted more than just a shot, and they didn’t want it as strong.

To cater to their needs, the baristas simply watered down their espresso and called it an Americano (because it was for Americans, after all!).

And do you ever wonder why the shape of coffee cups is so abnormally large and round? Well, when the baristas watered down the espresso, they placed it in soup bowls and the soldiers drank it with a spoon!

Howard said he remembered as a young boy seeing the men come back to America drinking their coffee in bowls.

Howard and I talked for a good 20 or 30 minutes… and it made me so happy! I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I’ve always wanted to strike up conversation with an older person. Now, I can cross that off my bucket list.

Both us horizontal, plainThanks Howard. I appreciate your knowledge on the Americano. You made my day, and I hope you are reading this.

*Note – I did not fact check this story. If it’s incorrect take it up with Howard, ma’am. I’m relying on him.*


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