Shine Coffee In Downtown Phoenix

DSC_0155If you recently met Howard in my last blog post, you might be wondering where we were, since I mentioned a super cute coffee shop but didn’t say where exactly. Well, drumroll please… I PRESENT SHINE COFFEE!

DSC_0139As you can see, it’s a pretty unconventional shop. It’s more of a coffee stand.

DSC_0140Wait just kidding. Actually a coffee bar.

DSC_0141 DSC_0142 DSC_0145As you can see it’s at 10 W. Vernon Avenue (Arizona). Which is on Central just north of Mcdowell.

DSC_0146This is the cute little window where the barista hands you your coffee! It reminds me of my Bubby’s house because in the front there’s a giant window and two panels on the ends that can open. So as a child I would pretend to work at a fast food drive-thru. (p.s. – Bubby is grandma in Yiddish. I’ve always said Bubby because grandma makes her feel old).

DSC_0157So this was my very interesting drink. It was called a Mokaya.

DSC_0171The Mokaya is a traditional iced mocha but infused with cayenne pepper! I really loved the espresso and the mocha, but the pepper was just not for me. It tasted so unique and I know if I did like cayenne pepper I would have loved the drink… but the spice just didn’t work out for me. I’ll definitely be going back for just a mocha though!

DSC_0161If you’re curious about the drink on the right… it was basically a cinnamon latte with no sugar or sweetener. So again, pretty intense… but still yummy!

DSC_0154This door led into the Shine Coffee living room because let’s be real… you can’t have an outside-only shop in Arizona! It’s just too hot!

DSC_0179 DSC_0181 DSC_0185 DSC_0189 DSC_0192 DSC_0205I thought these little origami cranes were so cute! I wonder if a customer made them and left them or the store owners/ employees made them.

Well that’s all folks! I’m excited for Fall and Winter so I can visit this shop again and drink my coffee outside! If you know of a yummy coffee shop or bakery in the greater Phoenix area let me know! I love exploring and trying new places.


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