Chestnut – Home To The Yummiest Scones In Phoenix

Chestnut Street SignWhen I attended the bloguettes seminar almost a month ago, I ate the most delicious mini oat scones, and I had to know where they came from! Seriously you guys, they were life changing. I didn’t even like scones before these babies. I found out they came from Chestnut, a restaurant on Camelback and 44th street. Lucky for me, this little restaurant is only 15 minutes from where I live!

Me in front of bricksI swear I felt like I had a Tiffany’s box in my hand! At the seminar there were a bunch of mini scones… at Chestnut I got the GIANT scones, and let me tell you… it was so worth it.bench and wallClearly there’s more to Chestnut than just scones – they have a variety of breakfast and lunch options on their menu. My only sadness with Chestnut is they’re only open until 2 p.m. during the summer! Ride on wallIf you’ve seen my flower’s foundation post (I think it was my second post on Dash of Daisy), you’ve seen my super cute yellow beach cruiser bike. I found that bike this past summer about to be thrown out by a neighbor! I swiped it and had it repainted… Anyways the color matches the yellow in Chestnut (p.s. I totally love how Chestnut shares the same colors as this blog), so I really want to ride my bike to this place! But it’d be a pretty long ride… so we’ll have to wait for cooler weather to do that!CookiesThe answer is no.. I haven’t tried these cookies. But YES I’m going to of course. Next time! rust sign SunflowersGah aren’t these so cute?! I’m such a sucker for sunflowers.Grab n Go upcloseYeah, I’m pretty sure you can order Chestnut to go… so that’s pretty spectacular.


Oh by the way — for the locals who know of Flower Child — that restaurant is right across from Chestnut! So I’m definitely going to be checking that out soon, and I’ll be sure to post about it!


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