5 Ways To Show Your Appreciation


Sure it’s great to be thankful, but do you show it? In honor of Thanksgiving, check out these 5 simples tasks to show your appreciation!

1. Leave little notes around! Sometimes even a simple sticky note in your loved one’s planner or work bag is the best pick-me-up on a tiresome day! For more professional relationships, actually send a handwritten letter! I believe hand-written thank-you’s are totally underutilized and taken for granted today.

2. Pick up some extra chores, or put in a few extra hours at work. Whether it’s unloading the dishwasher or helping your boss with busy work, by taking some responsibility off others, they’ll really feel appreciated and see how much you care!

3. Make eye contact and smile at the people you pass in public. This seems weird, but do you ever realize how much we avoid eye contact in public? Think about a time when someone randomly smiled at you. A genuine smile that just brightened your day. Return the favor, and do that for others!

4. Grab them a coffee if you’re stopping. You don’t even have to go completely out of your way to learn their exact drink order. Just grabbing an extra coffee shows thoughtfulness! (And it’s pretty cheap, too!)

5. Let them choose the day’s worth of activities! Whether that means letting them pick the Saturday matinee at the theater or taking a walk with them when you have blisters all over your feet, this is such a simple task that yields great results! And chances are their happiness will rub off on you. Happiness is contagious, and this is something I definitely wish I saw more couples or even friends do together!


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