Dressing For An Interview

Katherine Power Pose

Hello again! Today’s post is a little special to me because it’s documenting an achievement of mine – I scored my very first INTERNSHIP! I am absolutely thrilled about it.

Incase you haven’t read my About Me, I’ll fill you in quickly – I’m a journalism student at the Walter Cronkite School in Arizona. I went to an internship fair about two weeks ago, interviewed for five different companies, and was lucky enough to be matched with my top choice, The East Valley Tribune‘s Arts & Entertainment section!


I feel very blessed to say I love my major, especially considering so many students come to hate their field of study in college.

Pushing myself and working hard sucks sometimes, and I think we all want the easy way out every once in a while, but you’d be amazed what great work you can do when you really put yourself out there and give it your all.

Front looking away

Anyways – I wanted to document the outfit I wore to my interviews because I got a positive response from the interviewers and I’ll be honest, I felt good!

with blazer

I always like to dress up if I’m trying to impress someone not only because they’ll see I can put myself together in a professional manner, but because it gives me the confidence to be bold and state my intentions.

I felt like Katherine Power, the CEO of Who What Wear, during my interviews – and that is not a bad feeling to have, let me tell you. (She was totally my inspiration for these pictures by the way, and yes, I have a major girl crush.)

I’ll be honest, I was still nervous and definitely had nervous sweats…It was my first time at an internship fair! But I’m glad I felt confident in my outfit.

side profile

I think pencil skirts are great for the working girl, my only caution is to make sure your skirts aren’t too short. This particular skirt was the perfect length for me, but it did ride up when I sat down – so I was definitely cognizant of that.

As for my top, It’s actually a very short top that I normally wear with boyfriend jeans and chunky sandal heels, but it worked nicely with my skirt.

front formal

The blazer was perhaps not an essential to the outfit, but long black blazers are my security blanket nowadays. I can wear the plainest outfit, but if I pair it with the blazer, it looks like I put some effort into it  – which is super awesome for mornings when I wake up late!


The heels were just a fun pop I wanted to add. I don’t wear these heels often and they definitely stand out, so I felt like I was showcasing the fun side of my personality with these.

Good luck on your next interview readers!


Shop my look: Silver heels (similar), Pencil Skirt (similar), Blazer (H&M), Top (Forever21).


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