Goodbye, Christmas


Hello blog world! I’m so happy to be writing tonight because it’s been a heck of a day.

Christmas break is over, Spencer has left for his work tour today, the day before my birthday, and it’s all left me pretty emotional.  (Yes, the picture above is a GIF of me looking for the keys I had already dropped.. And then smiling when I realize Spencer was capturing it all on camera!)

ANYWHO, I’ve come back to my happy place (Dash of Daisy!), but I wanted to share some of the wonderful memories we made… This won’t be the typical post that has a moral to the story – I just want to share some SWEET photos I took on my new baby (my Nikon D5200). I got it for Christmas!

Me with coffee

Well, we went to Flagstaff!


He’s totally going to kill me for sharing this, but c’mon, it’s hysterical. And it’s super obnoxious that he looks perfect when he’s being a total dingus.

Spencer in front of Macy's

We visited our favorite coffee shop up there, Macy’s!

Spencer + I, clear Spencer + I, from below Spencer + I, funnyThese three photos literally capture us so perfectly. And they were totally selfies, incase you were curious.

We also roamed downtown Phoenix for the millionth time, this time me behind the camera.



spencer breathing fire


I’m such a cheese ball for making him take photos with murals, but hey, it shows he’s a keeper.

These were just a few pictures from the month-long break! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and feel creative and inspired for the new 2015 year.

Love and daisies.



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