Spring Fever Outfit

1Full Body Maybe Blurry

It’s almost February in Phoenix, which if you live here, you know that means it’s pretty much Spring.

Things are pretty exciting in downtown with the Super Bowl this weekend, but I really can’t focus on sports when I have spring fever, so instead I put together this fun but casual outfit idea!

2Purse Detail w WatchGot to say, I’m pretty much in love with this crazy bag I borrowed from my friend (a friend you guys should seriously follow for fashion inspiration), especially pairing it with such a simple outfit!

3Walking, no head4Bench, chair5Hat detailI love this hat because it’s like a mix of a fedora and a floppy hat. I’ll call it a… flopadora.

6Boots detailOh and these boots? I’m seriously obsessed. I actually got these puppies at Gap on black friday, but they don’t sell them anymore. (Similar)

7Watch detailI will forever love this watch. My boyfriend got this for me for Christmas two years ago, and it’s still a daily wear for me.


Anyways, it’s still technically winter. So here are some of the most wintery trees Phoenix has to offer. I’m definitely going to enjoy it before it ends, even though I’m totally excited for Spring.

Links to my outfit:

Top (similar)//Jeans//Hat//Purse (similar – same brand) //Watch//Boots (similar)




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