Kate Spade And Leopard Heels

1Full Body, Straight OnSo I’ve had these leopard heels for a good five months now, and I’ve been waitin’ to bust them out! I think pairing an out-there pump with some solid patterns make it totally appropriate for the workplace.

2profile, waste up

And I mean, c’mon. Blazers always make things fancy. And this “Be Dazzling” clutch (one of my favorite Christmas gifts!) is seriously adorable. It’s perfect for a girls night out or formal daytime attire.

3watch detailAnd this cute mini watch is another goodie from my friend I mentioned in my last post!

4Top DetailsThis tan top is a total cheapy I got from I don’t even know where. If you notice, it doesn’t have a button at the top! But I pinned it myself because it elongated my (tiny) torso!  I definitely recommend buttoning the top button to just see what it looks like.

5legs, shoes angleThese super tight skinnies paired with the pump really help lengthen your body!

6shoes, sitting

7Full Body, angle

Basically, I took some old clothes and up-cycled them with the help of an accent heel and statement clutch!

Hope this gives you some office / daytime style inspiration!

Shop this look: Blazer, Top (Similar), Pants (Similar), Pumps, Clutch, Mini Watch (Similar)






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