Churn On Central

Churn front store
Every once in a while, whether it’ s after a hard day’s work or a breezy Sunday morning, you just need a good ol’ fashion ice cream cone. One of my favorite little shops I’ve been going to for years is this cute little place, Churn!

It’s right on Central, just north of the AJ’s and Applebee’s!

Ice Cream



Don’t mind me. Just drooling over my coffee ice cream.

Smiley Lick

Ice Cream Flavors

There are so many flavors… I tried the cookies and thin mint before I decided on vietnamese coffee. They were both so good! Another one of my faves is the peanut butter!

Teeth smile

Churn Sign

One thing’s for sure… this place is a must! Go check it out. It’s very tiny, but the decor is too cute to miss! They have a whole wall of candy on the inside and a super cute patio outback (where the pics were taken!)! Not to mention, their ice cream’s flavor is so rich and genuine.




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