Dressin’ Fun In The AZ Sun

Full body profile
Winter’s chilly breeze is swirling out of town, and the typical Arizona sun is causing glistening beads of sweat to drip down my unbelievably pale skin…

Upper Details

But even as we kiss the *imaginary* snowflakes good bye and welcome the triple-digit temps, I can’t help but look forward to sunny-day attire.

Lower DetailsThe little ruffles lining this romper were just the perfect addition, in my opinion. Not to mention, they totally prevent your butt from peeking out with their extra inch of coverage!

Upclose Little SmileThe open chest and little peep hole under the bow make the romper so comfy and airy, which is literally an essential in Arizona!

Front full body

I’d love to tell you all to pick up this romper asap, because aesthetically, I’m totally obsessed. But honestly? It’s ripped three separate times at the elbow (on both sides!) and I’m going to get it sewn again this week. So to save you the heartache, here’s my recommendation for a similar (CRAZY CUTE) romper that for sure won’t rip!

Get the look: Stone Cold Fox Romper (similar)//Tan Fedora Hat // Wedges (similar)





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