Boots And Blazers In Coffee Shops

1ASometimes life doesn’t go as planned.Originally I wanted to do a different outfit for today’s post…but it just wasn’t clicking and it got rainy out and one thing led to another, and well… now we’re here.2a It’s kind of funny how I just always end up in coffee shops.

Luckily, this one was insanely cool. It’s in downtown Phoenix, and it goes by the name Cartel!

2shirt closeupI got this tee way back when I did the Bloguettes seminar at the beginning of my blog.



This maroon blazer is one I got from Kohl’s last year! Who knew it’d last me so long.



I honestly almost had a heart attack when I found these boots. They look just like the Chloe boots! You know, the ones that are $1300 dollars? But I found these puppies at Francesca’s over the holidays for literally $10 dollars.  Talk about bargain shopper right here.

6walking street

Anywho, have a swell day ladies and gents. Hope you’re enjoying the random warm-then-cold AZ weather. It’s definitely harder to plan outfits with unpredictable weather like this, but at least we’ve gotten a longer winter than usual. That’s never unwelcome in my book.

If you want to see any specific looks up here on the blog or maybe a new type of post all together, comment below!

Get this look: Blazer (similar), Bloguettes Tee, Jeans, Boots (similar)


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