Spring Stripes And Golden Toes


After a week off from Spring Break and a deviation from my typical blog posts last week, I couldn’t wait to get out and snap some outfit photos this week.


I honestly don’t have any formula for the outfits I pick other than following the season, and even then I sometimes go off course.


But this week I wanted to do a mix – something a little edgy, a little business-ee and slightly carefree!

dHere in Arizona, it’s getting warmer, and my spirits are soaring! I’m craving the pool more each minute, and as soon as my finals are over – that’s where you’ll find me.

e f g h

I was just being goofy when I took this, but it turned out so clear (I’ll admit – took a few tries) that I couldn’t not post it! High School Musical needs to reunite and hire me as the lead.


Until my star-studded debut, I’ll be here in Phoenix typing away. Feel free to toss me a hello!

[Outfit details: Tank Top (similar)// Blazer// Shorts// Boots]





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