My Truth About Coachella

Silly Peace SignWelcome to pre-Coachella Taylor. Now, I know what you’re thinking… Or at least I have a pretty good guess.

Some of you are thinking, “OMG! I wish I could go.. gah it’s so pretty there and so many good bands, so much fun picking outfits! The other half… “O..M…G… people like totally don’t even go to Coachella for the music. It’s all about the fashion and experience. So expensive!”

Flicking Water

I’ll have you know… I completely empathize with that second description of people. Before my first year attending (last year), I thought the exact. same. thing.

Lucky for me, I had one of my very good friends surprise me with tickets for Christmas, and honestly… no one turns down a free trip to Coachella.

Backside Sitting

I went in hopeful it would be fun but with a cynical feeling I would leave disappointed.

Well, here’s what I learned.

Coachella is full of people attending the festival for many reasons – some for the music, some for the fashion, some to get sweet Instagram pics, and some to just experience the chaos of everything!

Belt Detail

And while it’s expensive to attend and you’d think first and foremost people should attend for the music alone, I realized there’s nothing wrong with attending for the fashion or the experience.

Sitting & Smiling

Coachella is full of creative, opinionated, eccentric individuals and there’s so much to explore in those gorgeous Polo grounds, it really is about more than the music!

Even if you go just for the music, it’s impossible to not be immersed in the culture -and yes, there really is a culture.

People are kind and rude and silly and obnoxious all at the same time, and I guarantee if you let your guard down, stop judging and just have fun, it will be the best experience of your life.

The Sunny Truth

I always feel cheesy saying Coachella changed my life. It feels dramatic and naive, but you know what? I don’t even care. Coachella was amazing last year, and I’m confident it will be just as wonderful this year.

So… I suggest everyone try it at least once in their lifetime. If I’m wrong and it’s not for you, it’s not for you. But at least give it one open-minded shot.

Belt Playing Grass Pic


P.S. – This is going to be hysterical if it’s a total dud this year, and I give you permission to make fun of me if it is.





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