My Top 3 Crazy, Unexpected Coachella Experiences

Taylor Crazy Laugh with RyssaMy Coachella experience was pretty freakin’ nuts… even for Coachella. It started the Thursday before Weekend 2 , and yes, I’m an avid supporter of weekend 2 Coachella. (#weekend2forever – let’s get that started) I think weekend 2’s fan base is a little more casual, and plus I like to give the artists a week to prepare for my awesomeness.

Taylor Sun, arm over looking at camera

Anyway, Maryssa and I headed to the desert for a little pre-Coachella photo shoot just for fun, and they turned out so gorgeous that I couldn’t help but post them here. Plus they totally have that Coachella/ let’s get lost in the desert but bring-your-iPhone-because-we-can’t-actually-get-lost-and-I-want-to-instagram-the-experience vibe to them.

Sunny peace sign

Wild in the Desert

The shoot was fun and we felt totally ridiculous dancing in the desert, but once we let our guards down it was great – as documented by our many laughing photos.

Laughing with Hat covering ryssa's face

laughing forward

But what went down at Coachella was much more intense.

boots in dust

My top three takeaways are as follows: 

1. I walked past Karlie. Freaking. Kloss. Yeah, dude. You read that right. I’m walking  to the Coachella stage after buying some water and I see this glowing, blonde, GORGEOUS  girl with giraffe-like legs and let me tell you, I did not keep my cool.

I’ve never been a fangirl, and I didn’t even realize how truly obsessed I was with her until she stood right before me. I yelled at the top of my lungs “OH MY GOSH IT’S KARLIE KLOSS!” I then ran to Maryssa to tell her, who thought it was cool but was not as cool as I did, and I stood stoic staring at her. I was a statue for a solid 2.5 minutes as I internally debated with myself whether I’d ask for a photo to treasure forever or to let her have her few hours of privacy at a fun event.

I ended up leaving her alone, but I’ll be honest – It wasn’t because I wanted her to have privacy. I was super shy and knew I looked absolutely disgusting after a day’s worth of sweating and dancing my butt off. I don’t regret leaving her alone  because it’s cool enough just knowing she was there.


2. I walked past Jaden Smith and saw DMX perform with DJ Snake! I didn’t treasure these celebrity spottings as much as I did with Karlie, but it was still super cool. Jaden literally walked right past me and it took a second to register who it was. I saw him a few more times throughout the festival too. It was cool seeing celebrities this round – I didn’t see any last year!

Dancing in the Desert2

3. I missed Nikki Minaj’s performance with Drake because my purse was stolen before my very eyes and my boyfriend ran and attacked my purse thief. This sounds so incredibly ridiculous, and I’m still baffled it actually happened. READ THIS WHOLE THING, IT’S NUTS:

Maryssa and I are dancing at the back of Drake with our purse and shoes on the ground RIGHT BY OUR FEET. No joke – touching my feet.

Two small dudes come and break dance in front of us – Weird? No, it’s Coachella. It’s totally normal.- So they’re dancing and it’s awesome, but in a matter of seconds one of them trips and falls. He stumbles and rolls on the ground and almost hits me he comes so close. (But on the ground still).Dancing in the Desert3

He gets up and leaves very quickly, and I’m disappointed that he stopped dancing, but I keep dancing. About 15 seconds later I look down and notice my purse is gone. I had a bad feeling when I set it down and clearly this was why.

Spencer ran to try and find the two guys, because DING DING DING, that quick trip-and-fall-then-leave-quickly scheme was a well-thought-out strategy and sneaky plan to steal my cute fringe purse.

Spencer returned my purse to me after and finding and punching my thief. I do not ever promote violence, but I just want to tell the truth about what happened. It was crazy!

While Spencer was arguing with the guy who had my purse, I was in such a rage that I ran up to the other guy – the accomplice. I started yelling like crazy, and I even grabbed him by his shirt. I am tiny, but I am mighty. – And hey, don’t mess with a girl’s purse.

Taylor grabbing dress

I quickly stop and then grab Spencer and split up the almost fight that could have literally lead to our arrest (or probably theirs – who blames the poor girl getting stolen from?)…

We carry on with our night boasting over our badass-ness and girlboss-ness. Not only did we get stolen from, but we found our thieves in a matter of minutes and got my purse back with nothing taken from it.

With time to cool off and some reflection, a part of me wishes I had been very calm and given them money. Obviously that’s what they were after. I only had a dollar cash, but it would have been a symbol more than anything. People do and will help others – but you have to ask. And perhaps had I done that, they would have realized how awful it was they would steal from someone.

maryssa loves this one


You can’t fight fire with fire, which is what we did, and I’m a firm believer in Ghandi’s “an eye for an eye leaves the the world blind” quote… Given a second chance, I would try to act more kind in hopes they would return the favor to someone else later on.

I’m not just saying this to be a Coachella hippie…I thought about it almost immediately after I flipped out. But, it was a learning experience and definitely a funny story to tell. We’re all just human and we all make mistakes. I hold no anger toward them, and I feel confident that I can contain myself better next time.

So that was my Coachella experience. I want to do a post that focuses on the MUSIC  I experienced while there – that’s much more important and worth sharing, but I wanted to at least share these wild takeaways while they’re still fresh in my brain.

Despite being almost stolen from, I had a wonderful experience and I still love Coachella. If you ever want a drop-dead-beautiful place that inspires you to be yourself and motivates you to incorporate more passion into your life, Coachella is the place.

Holding hands, walking away


P.S. – Just going to to include this photo of my handsome prince and purse SAVIOR Spencer Dennis. He let me take his photo (hehehe). He’s totally going to kill me for posting it but whatever. He’s a cutie!

spencer in sunglasses





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