From Catcalling To Sex Trafficking, My Sister Is There


Catcalling happens to almost every girl at one time or another, and there’s no other way to describe how it feels other than belittling.

Living in downtown Phoenix, catcalling is something I hear of often and have dealt with occasionally, and unfortunately it’s often written off as “no big deal.”


“So what he yelled ‘hey baby’ randomly? Just ignore it! Who cares if he gives you a swift up-down stare and whistles? You were in gym clothes, what did you expect?”

I mean, he’s practically complimenting you, right?


Boyfriend Jeans

I hope one day catcallers will understand how their aggressive eye-balling makes me feel like a piece of meat.

I hope one day they will understand the struggle young women experience (most of the time unknowingly) trying to differentiate when a man is flirting and when they are hunting.

And I know the word hunting sounds so intense and animalistic – but please understand its context is correct.

Walking through the Circle K on Seventh Avenue and McDowell Road on any given night is nothing short of a jungle – stare after stare, comment and kissy face – I have at times left feeling like a hyena’s prey.

Jean Cuff

Most of all, I hope they understand how it makes me feel devoid of my humanity.

I can write about it, and I can voice my opinion on the topic, but I’m one person in a very large and highly populated world… Which brings me to My Sister.

Tank Side View

My Sister is a beauty and apparel brand that promotes gender equality.

It is the company’s belief that by starting with one of the world’s greatest social injustices, sex trafficking, we can one day attain complete equality between men and women.

I love their mission, and I love how they combine fashion and social issues. (Get my outfit here!)


I’ve already tried a bunch of their products, and I know if you guys try them you’ll like them too.

So I’m doing a little giveaway! Follow the steps below for a chance to win a 4-pack of My Sister Lip Shimmers! (I have them – they rock! They’re minty and moisturizing with the perfect about of shine.)

Karate Jump


1. Follow My Sister on Instagram (@mysisterorg)

2. Follow me on Instagram (@taylorseely)

3. Like Dash of Daisy Blog on Facebook!

4. Send me screenshots on Instagram or Facebook so I know you followed the first three tasks!



6 thoughts on “From Catcalling To Sex Trafficking, My Sister Is There

  1. I love you Taylor! I am sooooooo proud of you, did everyone realize she made all A+’s this semester? SHE IS SO BRILLIANT.

    Read Everyday Sexism and check them out on twitter: @Everydaysexism catcalling is plain and simply a form of objectification of women which is dangerous. “I object I am not an Object”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As great grandparents, needless to say we are so proud of Taylor.
    Her blogs are outstanding and give incredible messages to all.
    Keep on your path, Taylor and you will be extremely successful.
    Your education can never be taken away from you.
    We love you so much.


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