College Educated, Mama Bear Graduated

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I know for most kids, attending their own parent’s college graduation is not a typical life event.

But a couple months ago my mom carried out her dream of graduating. For as long as I can remember, a college education is something my mom has fiercely believed in, and on this day our entire family watched, tears in eyes.

This day was so special for her, it’s something only she can describe, so I wouldn’t dare try to explain what she felt. But what I can explain, or at least try to explain, is how unbelievably proud of her I am and how proud I am to be her daughter.

We aren’t the typical American family –  I was the result of a teen pregnancy, and she had to give up a lot of her young adulthood to raise me. Being 20 years old now, every day I increasingly understand the heaviness that raising a child must have been for her. And I don’t want to bore you with some “underdog triumph” story.

It’s not like that. We had challenges, but my point in writing this post is to give any readers out there hope for their dreams by showcasing my mom’s talent and dedication.

Angie's Grad Cap with Building Behind

She always wanted a college degree. Albeit a lot faster and younger than she got it, but she did it and that’s the point. On the day she graduated, she gave a speech to my family about her educational journey and she thanked me for inspiring her and helping her along the way.

At the time, I didn’t really respond. I didn’t know what to say that could fully explain how proud of her I was. Not to mention, she gave a killer speech I just could not stand up against. 😉

I told her I was proud, and I told her I loved her, but I’m hoping in sharing a tidbit of her life journey on this platform, she’ll understand just how truly blessed I am to be her daughter. Thanks for being such an inspiration mom.

Angie Checking into GraduationAngie Walking as a GradAngie with friends at GraduationAngie Smiling with Cords and CactusOh and by the way – she’s now in school to get her Masters. Talk about a total #girlboss.



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