Business Casual

old navy jean shorts, long black boyfriend blazer forever 21, fossil sunglasses, black pumps, dash of daisy blog, taylor seelyI keep wanting to say summer’s in full swing, and it is, but more than that, summer vacation is practically half way through! I have been interning at both Arizona Foothills Magazine and Ford Robert Black Agency AZ.

It has been so amazing that I plan to do a whole post dedicated to showing you all what a day in the life of an intern is like – at least for me! (Spoiler alert – it’s awesome.)

One thing I will share – it’s definitely forced me to pick up my professional working-woman attire. It’s great because it’s helping me develop my sense of style, and I really think I’m starting to hone in on it! I’ve even cleaned out my closet. Probably five times within the last couple months.

Anyway, sometimes by the end of the week we like to kick it casual while still looking cute. That’s pretty much what inspired this outfit. PS  – I am obsessed with these H&M shorts. Best $30 purchase ever.

(Here’s a tip – buy a size up in jean shorts because they almost always shrink and having more space in the thigh area is comfier and more complimentary).

Another tip – When you don’t have time to shower, take advantage of having greasy hair and throw it up in a fun and cute messy pony.

2217 mid drift detailretry214 sunglasses16 heels with leg1Until next time!


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