Livin’ That Rodeo Lifestyle

4 Walking Zara Skirt fringe top free people boots dash of daisyThis past Sunday I returned home from good ol’ Viva Las Vegas. I was there for a few days doing several things – One, to see my boyfriend perform in the out-of-this-world SoulEscape dance performance. There’s a lot I want to say about that show, but it will take an entire post of its own.

Second, I was there to watch my mini company compete at Adrenaline dance’s nationals. They were very young for their category and they got in the top 10! To say I’m a proud dance teacher is an understatement.

Third, I took part in the Red, White & Chu dance performance on the Fourth of July! It was a compilation of Peter Chu‘s work, and myself along with other dance alumni performed Just Somebody, a piece we won nationals with two years ago. It was really, really fun… although my hair fell out on stage. It was a bummer, but life moves on!

The last night there, Spencer finally had a minute to explore the strip with me. I wanted to take pictures of the excursion, but sometimes you have to set away the technology and just enjoy your time together. Spencer and I spent a month apart while he was prepping for his show, so it was nice to have quality time together.

We got home Sunday, and I was back to my internship at Arizona Foothills on Monday and Ford Robert Black Agency on Tuesday. Summer is usually a time of relaxation, but this summer it feels like a preview of my post-college life. I’m always picking up around the house, running to the gym, cooking and making coffee… and basically, life just feels like one big rodeo lately. It’s so crazy all the time, but I love it!

So it only felt fitting to wear a western-themed outfit this week.

5 zara suede skirt fringe top dash of daisy7 close up scarf zara fringe top8 zara suede skirt dash of daisy9 free people booties lace up ankle10 wavy hair2 Zara Skirt Fringe Top Free People Boots Dash of Daisy

Top & Skirt – Zara//Shoes – Free People//Scarf – My great grandma (THANKS GRANDMA!)//Purse – Forever 21


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