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The Ultimate Movie Night Guide

Movie nights to me are like an American pastime. I grew up with a movie-obsessed family. Sitting ’round the couch with the family was a weekly tradition at my dad’s, and to this day it’s something I look back on very fondly.

In my household, movie nights are sacred. It’s the best way to spend time with the ones you love without any hassle and without spending an arm and a leg. Depending on the movie, you can cry together or laugh together or be scared together.

No matter what movie you watch though, it’s not complete without a killer snack bar.

I know this set up is a bit much, but this is honestly the only way to do it in my book. You’ve got to keep the coffee table stacked. Don’t be that annoying person to pause the movie to get your snacks.

So what’s my rule to a snack bar? – Make sure you have a plethora of flavors that balance each other. Salty and sweet. Tangy and bitter.

Ice Cream Move Night Essential dash of daisy blog taylor seelyMint Chocolate Chip Dreyer’s is my favorite because the bitter chocolate balances the sweet mint flavor.
Cookie BitesThese little balls of heaven are gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. They’re from my new favorite coffee shop called Fair Trade in downtown Phoenix. Lucky for me, it’s attached to my apartment building. I guess at the same time it’s not lucky, because I’m obsessed with them.
Snapple, Worms, PopcornSnapple is one of Spencer’s favorite drinks. If it were up to me, it’d be a Shirley Tempe, Barq’s Root Beer or a Simply Raspberry Lemonade.

Ice Cream CupOf course I don’t spoon my ice creams into cute little glasses every time, but I am a nerd when it comes to entertaining and presentation. If it’s a group movie night, these are perfect! 
ChocolateDark chocolate is my obsession… especially with coffee.
Redvines2 And if you don’t like Redvines… we just can’t be friends. This is a Redvine household. So you can take your Twizzlers and get out! Just kidding… I actually don’t hate Twizzlers, but Redvines are way better.
Eating PopcornAnywho, those are my movie night essentials! Usually I like brownies too – primarily for the brownie batter. I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my killer movie night, and I also hope you’re jealous. Hehe. You should be!

P.S. – Billy Madison is the best movie of all time.


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