Happy Birthday Dash of Daisy!

Happy Bday Dash of Daisy

Wow! I truly cannot believe today marks the first year of Dash of Daisy. I can honestly say I wasn’t sure it was going to last. So much has happened, yet it still feels like yesterday when I was riding my bike in downtown Phoenix setting up a tripod and filming my own videos for the site. I knew the moment I received my first response from the blog I was in love with Dash of Daisy.

This blog has done so much for me in terms of giving me a creative outlet to express my thoughts, and I’m so grateful. More than that, however, I’m grateful for its ability to impact others. I have been completely humbled by people’s responses to my blog.

While it hasn’t all been “daisies” and perfection and I don’t always receive the turn out I think I might, it’s my off days when I think no one will care about a post that I get such strong responses, and those responses drive me to continue.

When I started blogging, it was 40 percent about creativity, 30 percent about unleashing my thoughts and 30 percent about connecting with others.

Today, it’s 40 percent creativity, 30 thoughts and 100 percent about connecting with others. I’m not sure the math on that is correct, but I’m a writing major so you’ll forgive me.

The point is, I will continue with Dash of Daisy because I believe in it. Dash of Daisy’s mission is to inspire, support and engage its readers, and I believe with carefully-crafted, well-thought-out posts I can achieve that mission.

I believe in the power of words. 

All words.

I know we have thousands of art forms out there that stand as means of expression, and they’re all wonderful, but I still believe in the power of words. I believe somewhere out there, someone can say something to you that you’ve heard thousands of times before and it will suddenly make sense. It will suddenly change your way of thought, your life, or maybe just your grocery list. But words matters. They have a way of feeling mystical, and I’d read a thousand sentences just to hear one good one.

So if you would, please read mine. And more than that, give me feedback. To be cheesy – help me help you. All I want is to write something that will connect with someone. To those of you that have personally reached out to me to let me know how I’ve helped you, you’ve really helped me and I cannot thank you enough.

To anyone reading this, if you’ve ever thought, “I wish she’d write about this…” Or, “I wonder what she thinks about this…” Message me! Text me! As Kim Possible says, “Call me, beep me if you want to reach me.” I’ve never received a post request, and I would be thrilled to write about anything a reader wants. (So long as it pertains to Dash of Daisy’s mission of course.)

After a year of blogging, I just want to say thank you.


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