Day Trip to Slide Rock in Sedona

OverallIn my experience, day trips usually go one of two ways: completely crappy or unbelievably amazing. It’s not common that it’s a mix, but this trip was.

I know the photos don’t reflect that. You don’t typically take pictures when you’re grouchy and irritable. But taking a trip that started off mediocre, upgraded to nice, downgraded to hostile and then ended beautifully was even better than a perfect day on cloud nine.

There was nothing wrong with the day and nothing bad happened – there were just small setbacks that led to frustration.

We left fairly early, so Spencer was tired and I was hyper. We were just not on the same wave lengths. It happens.

After getting halfway there we stopped for food and that put both of us in better moods. We both like to deny it, but we get so grouchy when we’re hungry. (hangry)

After eating, we started doing this photography activity that required us to describe ourselves in nouns, adjectives and verbs, and we got so distracted that we took a wrong turn and didn’t notice for a while. When we finally did, we were an extra hour away from our destination.

This put me in an awful mood. It was totally unnecessary because the drive was gorgeous and we had no time restraints, but I just was. We even took another wrong turn later and before we knew it, it took us an extra 90 minutes to get to Slide Rock. My anger level? Through the roof.

Once we arrived, the parking lot was full and we had to park two miles away. The only plus was we didn’t have to pay for parking.

Nevertheless, we walked the distance and got there and things were good! We explored slide rock and despite my grouchiness Spencer put up with me and was so sweet. (And honestly I was a total brat.)

After some reflection I realize what will etch this trip into my memory forever is Spencer. Despite his frustration with my temper, he was there for me and he was sweet. He didn’t fight back when I was overreacting, and he didn’t feel the need to fight fire with fire. He was just there for me when I was genuinely undeserving.

I’m a lucky one.

2 of Me and Spencerspotty pickissy close upkissy kissyexploring6 picsOh PS – If you’re wondering why these photos aren’t my typical digital pics – we realized once we were there taking a DSLR into a creek wasn’t the best idea. We picked up a disposable polaroid at the convenient store and it was seriously the best decision ever! You forget how fun it is to wait and see how photos turn out. It’s more about capturing the moment and less about capturing the moment beautifully. True beauty and happiness don’t take effort to capture. It’s just there.


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