All White Miranda Kerr-Inspired Casual Wear

Full BodyLast year I found this street style picture of Miranda Kerr and was determined to recreate her outfit. I finally did, with only a few minor changes – leopard pumps, not mules, a plain white tank, not striped, and a hat with straight hair.

Top DetailI loved Kerr’s black and white-striped tank, but I could not find one that fit me the way hers fit. I found her tank top (I believe it was Alexander Wang), and it was $100 if I remember correctly. I’m okay with spending a lott of money on quality clothing, but I think at my age it’s important to pick and choose. For me, I like to buy expensive formal clothes – ones I’ll wear to internships or work. I’m also guilty of loving expensive bags. So for now – I’m holding off on the tank. Sorry Alexander Wang. I’ll see you in a few years, post college.  Waist Detail
I’m a huge fan of tying flannels around the waist – I’ve found that it really accentuates your hips (which is good for athletic-type bodies like me who are pretty much straight down with no curves). One thing – make sure to buy flannels a few sizes up and get the thin ones if you plan to wear them like this.
Leopard HeelsI’m not an everyday heel wearer, but what I really liked with this outfit was how a pair of “show-ee” pumps and a flannel spiced up the outfit. Take those away and it’s just skinny jeans and a tank (shout out to middle school me). HatThe hat I added last minute – I thought it tied the outfit all together with my heels, but I don’t think the hat’s essential. I would wear this outfit with a messy top knot if I woke up late, and I think it would look just as cute. Walking


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