Dashing Through The AZ State Fair

1108151919Since Spencer and I started dating in 2011 (holy crap), we’ve vowed to go to the fair every year it comes to town. But like so many others, we NEVER DO, which is so sad because Spencer had never gone… until this year! That’s right, I took Spencer’s state fair virginity, and I’m dang proud of it. So I’m not going to ramble. I’ll get to the point: lots of people, kind of gross, pretty lights, embarrassing photo sessions, greasy goats we couldn’t help but pet (they’re so cute!), and lots of giggles. Bottom line – I love this boy.


We started off the night eating because food is good and red velvet funnel cake is irresistible.Taylor_Seely_eating_funnel_cake_az_state_fair


My reaction to the fricken bomb food:

A man was handing out his self-produced mixtape but didn’t give us one… So we decided to make our own. JK, we just made the cover art: Mixtape_Release_Dash_of_Daisy_Blog

And this was my reaction after I saw it:Laughing_Dash_of_Daisy_Blog_at_AZ_State_Fair

I started playing my all-time favorite fair game, the water shooter one: Shooting_Water_AZ_State_fair_dash_of_daisy_blog

And this was my reaction when I lost: Sad_Taylor_Loses_AZ_State_Fair_Dash_of_Daisy_blogLiterally, that photo is candid. I didn’t know Spencer was taking a photo. I was truly so disappointed. I always won that dang game as a kid. I tried again… but still lost.

But it’s okay because Spencer lost too. This game was so hard! You had to throw tiny rings and hope they’d land around vintage Coca-Cola bottles. Spencer_AZ_State_Fair_Game_dash_of_daisy_blog

To be honest, I don’t know how we waited so long to go. Every night we get home to our apartment complex, we park on the roof, and we have this amazing view of the ferris wheel. We took this photo before we left. It’s pretty but still doesn’t do it justice:AZ_State_Fair_Skyline_Dash_of_Daisy_Blog


Anyway, you could say the fair made us pretty giddy:Spencer_Dennis_Seahorse_Jump_Dash_of_DaisySpencer’s caption for this photo: Grab your butt like no one’s watching.


LOL at Spencer’s killer side tilt:Spencer_Side_Tilt_AZ_state_fair_dash_of_daisyJust to play it safe — this is a joke.

Anyway, from your favorite derps, we love you and highly suggest going to the fair and taking ridiculous photos. Because let’s just be real for a sec – the fair is SO expensive. Games and rides cost a fortune, but on the positive side, admission is cheap, only $10/ person. So, if anything, go for a fun photo sesh. It’s really fun to see people look at you like you’re totally insane. Spencer is AdorableSmug_Smile_AZ_State_Fair_Dash_Of_Daisy_Blog


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