4 Tips for Shopping at Forever21

A lot of my outfit posts on Dash of Daisy have Forever21 pieces in them, but I never really realized it until a few months ago when a friend and reader told me she wanted me to take her on a fashion spree there because apparently I “know how to shop there.” That made me laugh.

floor level looking up full bodyI’m not the world’s biggest Forever21 fan simply because the quality can be iffy at times (let’s just be honest), but when you’re on a budget or need something to wear once, it’s one of the best options.profile upper body super cool

My rules for shopping at Forever 21 are simple:

1. Know what you’re going for. Forever21 stores are big and usually crowded in Arizona, and there’s nothing more frustrating than bumping elbows with people because you don’t know what you’re looking for. Check the website, make sure it’s in store, and find what you want fast. It’s the only way to ensure a happy, stress free shopping experience.  

street style walking away

2. Stick to thicker material. It could just be me, but almost EVERY thin piece of Forever21 clothing I get rips after one wash. I’ve learned to avoid washing these clothes as much as possible and ALWAYS air dry. It takes longer, but it’s much safer. (Be especially careful with denim!)

clutch and watch details

3. If you use the dryer, buy a size up. This is pretty obvious, but Forever21 clothes shrink a lot – at least for me. So do yourself a favor and just buy a size up.

upper body angled zoomed out rubbing lips

4. Stick to the simple pieces and seasonal pieces. Try to avoid anything with intricate stitch work because like I said above, the quality is iffy. It probably won’t last – so unless you plan to wear it only once (Coachella, for example), don’t buy it. At the same time, pieces you think won’t be in season or “on trend” for a long time, you may want to get here. For example, I am obsessed with the suede over the knee boots that all the models and high end fashion bloggers wear, but AZ is really hot, and I don’t want to invest in boots I know I’ll only wear a few times. SO – these are going on my Forever21 list.

Hope these tips come in handy for you! Let me know in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading my blog! I love you!

Shop this look:


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