The Perfect Red Heels for the Holidays

Red_Steve_Madden_Heels_Dash_of_Daisy_Blog_1This may be absolutely awful to admit, but I totally go black Friday shopping for myself. I like to shop for the clothing deals, and as much as I’d like to buy clothes for friends and family, it stresses me out! I don’t know their sizes, I don’t know their style… It’s just too much. So this past year, I just went for myself.

Red_Steve_Madden_Heels_Dash_of_Daisy_Blog_7I ended up getting this black coat for $30 at Small Business Saturday in downtown Glendale! If you haven’t been, the little historic neighborhood behind Glendale Glitters is absolutely adorable, and you need to check it out.

Red_Steve_Madden_Heels_Dash_of_Daisy_Blog_8This white blouse is from the cutest little shop (I’ll feature later in a separate post) in downtown Phoenix. It’s called Mercantile, and it’s a vintage shop and by-appointment-only hair salon. You would not believe the deals you’ll find in there.

Red_Steve_Madden_Heels_Dash_of_Daisy_Blog_2Probably my favorite purchase from black Friday was online at Steve Madden. I got these shoes (originally $130) for $60! As of right now, they’re on sale for $90.



Red_Steve_Madden_Heels_Dash_of_Daisy_Blog_4This cute little purse was gifted to me by my boyfriend’s mother two years ago for Christmas. As you could probably assume, she has really great style.



Red_Steve_Madden_Heels_Dash_of_Daisy_Blog_12For a day out on the town, this is probably my favorite outfit right now. I’m in love with these red heels, and despite how out-there they are, so long as they’re paired with a more neutral outfit, they can be worn on a casual day!

Shop this look with these links:





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