How To Wear OTK Boots with a Victorian-Style Blouse

OTK BOOTS_Dash_of_Daisy1If you read my post on tips for shopping at Forever 21, you know I had over-the-knee boots on my wish list for the holidays. Thanks to Black Friday and getting really lucky, I was able to find them! (Click here for a similar pair I originally wanted!)

OTK_Boots_Dash_of_Daisy_Victorian_Blouse_ButtonsThis season I’m really into the Victorian-style blouses, probably because of the H&M and Balmain Collaboration. I love how the shape stands out and feels out of this era. Again, this one is from a local boutique called Mercantile in downtown Phoenix, but click here and here for similar options.

OTK_Boots_Dash_of_Daisy_BlogI love this skirt from Express (similar here), but if you’re nervous about the shortness, I would recommend putting some black tights underneath. I’m thinking I’ll do that next time I wear this – plus it’s cold out anyway!

OTK_Boots_Express_Skirt_Victorian_Blouse_DetailsI will say – the obnoxious thing about this blouse is each individual button has to be put through a loop hole, so it takes forever to get on!




As for my lipstick – I love berry colors in the winter – so check this one out if you’re interested (color: Fig).


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