zara-coat-f21-purse-and trousers-aldo-heels-taylor-seely-dash-of-daisy

Striped Trousers for an Office Casual Look

zara-coat-f21-trousers-tank-aldo-heels-dash-of-daisy-taylor-seely-black-whiteThis past January I became a fashion columnist for College Times. I’ve been blessed the past year with several writing opportunities, such as becoming a contributor for Couture in the Suburbs, The Fashion Potential and intern for Arizona Foothills. aldo-heels-forever-21-trousers-dash-of-daisy-taylor-seelyI’m particularly excited for College Times, however, because it’s my first consistent printed journalism work! I’m printed at Arizona Foothills, but my first piece for them comes out in March. (I’ll be sure to post the PDF!) Zara-Suede-Coat-Detail-Dash-of_DaisyAnyway, this look came from my first College Times article; I gave tips on dressing for AZ’s tricky weather where it’s cold in the morning and night but hot during lunch. Thought I’d share it here – I hope you guys like it! Zara-tank-forever-21-trousers-black-white-taylor-seely-dash-of-daisy

f21-purse-trousers-zara coat-taylor-seely-dash-of-daisy

zara-coat-f21-purse-and trousers-aldo-heels-taylor-seely-dash-of-daisy

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