Setting Up An Apartment-Sized Office

taylor-seely-dash-of-daisy-apartment-desk-decor4This semester I’m taking online classes, starting my thesis and receiving credit for an editorial internship at Arizona Foothills Magazine. I’m not much of an online class person, but it’s just how it worked out this semester. My biggest fear was my ability to focus, considering Spencer and I share a room.taylor-seely-dash-of-daisy-apartment-desk-decor2I’m also the type of person who needs the right atmosphere to get things done… so low and behold, I did some researching and set this portion of my wall up as an apartment-sized office. I got everything from Ikea (even the hangers)! My biggest tip is to think of your walls as potential storage. Shelves are your friends in apartments!taylor-seely-dash-of-daisy-apartment-desk-decor


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