Young Love Isn’t A Lesser Love

Taylor-spencer-high-school-dash-of-daisyYoung love always left a bad taste in my mouth.

My parents had me at 18 and 19 and separated a few months after, so I can’t remember when my mom and dad lived under one roof. For awhile I was very resentful about this, and my “takeaway” lesson therefore was to find the perfect Prince and never let him go.

When I attended elementary school, my best friend’s mom made it very clear she viewed my mom’s decision to have me so young and out of wedlock as irresponsible – ultimately making it impossible for my friend and I to be friends. My lesson from this was find the perfect Prince, but only at a reasonable age – perhaps after college, once I’ve established myself with my dream career. 

My mom and dad both remarried, and then they both divorced around the same time, when I was in seventh and eighth grades. My lesson: maybe I was completely wrong. Maybe relationships suck, and who says a husband and kids is even for me? Screw this – I’m moving to New York, getting my dream job and living the fancy life I deserve, without a guy!

High school arrives, and I’m not even going to pretend I didn’t go boy crazy. I did. Everyone does. Whatever. I date my first boyfriend, get dumped, and deem myself ugly and undatable for the remainder of my time on earth. Just like that, I’m out of the game at 16 and revert back to my middle school belief system that I will simply live alone and defy all of society’s norms.

Then I met Spencer. We had known each other for years, actually, so I guess you could say we noticed each other. I knew I had a crush on him and was happy when we started dating, but I was positive it would only last two months top. I had absolutely no faith in dating or young love at that point, so I treated our relationship as a ticking time bomb – just waiting for him to dump me. Strangely enough, he didn’t.

I realized I had someone special. He was different. Every month came and left without him mentioning the dreadful “we need to talk” line, and eventually the months turned into years, and our high school sweetheart relationship has continued to blossom.

We’ve endured what are probably some of the roughest and most uncommon years to stay together.

My lesson is this: Believe in and embrace young love, because while I feel myself loving him more each day, I always knew I had someone special. I understand now that our young love was not and is not a “lesser love.” It’s just a beginning love…







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