Liberty Market downtown Gilbert

Spring Break Gram and Gramp Style

Liberty Market downtown GilbertTwo 21 year olds dog sitting, watch CNN for hours on end and taking little lunch trips to downtown Gilbert’s Liberty Market is probably not the most common way to spend spring break.

I know personally I picture beach trips and partying… And that’s fun and all, no denying that. Yet given the choice between that and my past week with Spencer – I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Having a peaceful week off with nothing to do besides take Branson (the labradoodle we watched) on walks or to the dog park gave Spencer and I time to be with each other and simply enjoy it – without the distractions of homework, being on the phone 24/7, xbox, you name it.

I found that we talked a lot more but also enjoyed each other’s silence…and that’s okay, you know – to enjoy silence. I love silence. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable – except for with Spencer. When it comes to Spencer, I always want us talking 24/7. So the moments of silence this week were nice because I knew it’s what we wanted. We were peaceful.

I don’t have a lot to say or an overflow of thoughts about the week, but I felt the need to share because it was so nice. I challenge anyone reading this post to truly relax next break… don’t plan anything, and instead, see what you want to do in that moment.

Anyway, here are some cute pics from the dog park… DSC_0177

Branson at dog park 2

Branson at dog park

Oh, and here’s one after she ran through the sprinklers!
branson the labradoodle



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