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Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

Taylor Seely at Domaine Carcineros WineryI’m going to be completely honest: day one of wine tasting, I really thought I hated wine. I felt like eighth grade Taylor, when I hated sushi but wanted to like it because it seemed like the cool sophisticated thing to eat. Wine’s like the beverage of the classy working woman.

I’m happy to say, however, I totally found my wine of preference: merlot. And if you’re curious, I do like sushi now. I guess it was a bit of an acquired taste for me. Anyway, something I learned in Napa Valley was everyone has a unique palette – so what may taste fabulous to me could taste bitter and disgusting to you. Crazy, eh?! Domaine Carcineros Entrance Close UpThis first winery shown is Domaine Carneros. It was absolutely breathtaking. Our wine connoisseur told us the owners were from France and this mansion was an exact replica of their “humble abode” back home in Paris. Domaine Carcineros and SkyBased on the dozens of people tasting around us, my feeling was that this place was best known for its champagnes. I enjoyed a few of the champagnes, but… Rose at Domaine Carcineros Winery Dash of Daisy BlogAnother sad confession: I DIDN’T like rosé. I’m so sad to admit this because look how stinkin’ cute rosé is. (Note – I didn’t like any rosés from any winery!) It’s so pretty and pink and bloggerish  – but yeah, just putting it out there, I’m not a fan. Castello di Amorosa InsideThis next winery was Maryssa and my’s absolute favorite: Castello di Amorosa. The castle was complete with a dungeon and everything, and set atop a hill, it was home to the most beautiful views. (Then again, everywhere’s beautiful in Napa).

Maryssa Thomas Taylor Seely at Castello di Amorosa Winery in Napa ValleyThe best thing though was truly the wine. I mentioned how the first day I thought I wouldn’t like wine – this place truly changed my mind. Almost every wine I tasted I loved. It was so smooth and flavorful, and I could finally taste the flavors the connoisseurs were talking about! (I know, I’m so sophisticated. What can I say?). Top of Castello di Amorosa

View Looking Out of Castello di AmorosaLike I said  – breathtaking. Maryssa Taking Pics in Napa Valley at Castello di Amorosa(Gotta get that Insta pic in)Mini House at Castello di AmorosaNot pictured: a chicken just chillin’ and taking leisurely strolls around this little house. Church within Castello di Amorosa

Castello di Amorosa Dining Room

Castello di Amorosa Courtyard

The next winery, Sterling Vineyards, was super fun! Guests take a gondola ride up a large hill to tour the vineyard and learn about the winemaking process. Anyone interested in really learning how wine is made should check this place out. Sterling Vineyards Glasses

View from the gondola:Waterfall at Sterling Wineyards

Taylor Seely Dash of Daisy Blog at Ford Coppola WineryMy first day look at the Francis Ford Coppola WineryTaylor Seely and Maryssa Thomas at Ford Coppola WineryTaylor Seely Dash of Daisy Blog at Brix Bunch in Napa ValleyThe last day, we brunched at this restaurant called Brix, and holy moly me oh my. Go, go, go. Put it on your bucket list and make it a priority, okay? So much food, so much yumminess. So much satisfaction. Period. End of story.

Overall, the trip was truly amazing. I can’t thank Maryssa and her wonderful grandparents enough for taking me with and making me feel like a part of the family. This was such a relaxing and soothing vacation, and I truly recommend it to anyone who needs a little break from reality and time to rest up.

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