Dash of Daisy Blog Taylor Seely Coachella 2016 Style Free People Cleobella Old Navy HM

Coachella 2016: Day Two Look

Dash of Daisy Blog Taylor Seely Coachella Style 2016If there’s anything I’ve learned about dressing for Coachella, it’s to take comfort seriously. Of course you want to get all festive and crazy (because when else can you wear chunky necklaces that cover your entire chest), but honestly – you’re in the middle of some polo fields for three days straight. It gets hot, you’re walking constantly (and jumping and dancing and everything in-between), and there’s the ultimate tragedy: having to go to the bathroom. Last year I wore a romper that had tiny buttons, and EVERY TIME I went to the bathroom, I had to undo 15 buttons. It was easily the worst fashion decision I made all weekend.

Dash of Daisy Blog Taylor Seely Free People StyleI love this Free People Soulshine Eyelet Tank because it’s got a festival feel, but it’s not so out there that I couldn’t wear it post Coachella. Same with the Bandana Bolo Necklace, which I’m totally obsessed with. I’m so excited to pair it with sweaters and different things outside festival wear. Taylor Seely Dash of Daisy Blog Free People Tank Top and Bandana Hankerchief with Cleobella ClutchThis year is my third year, and I feel like I got my crazy wild outfit desires out the first two years, so I’m definitely toning it down this weekend; I still feel festive, but I’m focused more on comfort because I plan to JAM this weekend.Dash of Daisy Blog Coachella Style 2016 Free People HM Cleobella

If you struggle finding comfy and cute denim shorts, I highly suggest checking out H&M. Honestly, I feel super uncomfortable with super short shorts. I hate when my butt’s hanging out… So these shorts were the perfect fit. Still short and stylish, but long enough to cover the you know what!

Dash of Daisy Blog Taylor Seely Free People Tanktop bandana hankerchief HM jeans Cleobella Clutch Old Navy bangleDon’t forget – let me know if you’re heading to the desert this weekend! I’d love to meet you and dance to good music together.

Shop this look:

Don’t forget to check out my day one look here.


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