Transitioning Gym Gear to Street Style

Taylor-Seely-Dash-of-Daisy-Blogger-Gym-to-Street-Style-College-Times5For my April column in College Times, I wrote about transitioning your gym look to an acceptable, out-in-public street style look. The biggest piece of advice I can offer is contrast.

Taylor-Seely-Dash-of-Daisy-Blogger-Gym-to-Street-Style-College-TimesI typically always wear leggings when I work out – so if you’re like me and wear tighter pants, go with a looser top half. Also, if you sweat a lot (like me), then you’ll honestly want to bring several layers to cover up post workout.

Taylor-Seely-Dash-of-Daisy-Blogger-Gym-to-Street-Style-College-Times2Yeah, if you were to look under that sweatshirt and denim jacket, you’d most definitely find a sweat-soaked tank top. I’m so nasty after the gym. Obviously I didn’t work out before these photos, so I’m not going to pretend like I did. If you’re going to work out and run errands after with no time to stop home in between, my advice is to braid your hair and bring a towel to dab your fact after. (Maybe bring a good CC cream if your face turns red!) Taylor-Seely-Dash-of-Daisy-Blogger-Gym-to-Street-Style-College-Times3I think the denim jacket (or a cargo coat) is really what completes the look. If I were to take it off, it would be a 100% gym look, so make sure to always bring some time of statement piece that says, “Hey I put some effort into looking presentable.” Unless you’re cool with rocking the total gym look – which is totally cool, I do that all the time. –


Finally, if you wear sweats or looser pants to the gym, go with a tighter top. If you’re not afraid to show some stomach, wear a tight crop top. (Throw on a long vest to look super fierce) If that’s not your thing, toss on a tighter fitting cardigan.

Shop this look:


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