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Styling Our Downtown Phoenix Apartment

Apartment Living Room Decor Monochromatic_On Budget_Ikea_Target_Student_Taylor Seely_Dash Daisy_BlogStyling a tiny apartment-sized living room is almost always difficult. For Spencer and I, we didn’t even get a tour of our apartment before moving in! BUT, we did get a blue-print with room dimensions, and that helped a lot. I like to know exactly where my furniture and decor will go before I move in because for one, it makes things less stressful. The second reason is that I hate living in a space that’s either messy and/or not put together. It’s very important to me to feel inspired wherever I’m living. If you’re this way, I suggest using this online room planning tool.


Styling Dining Areas in a Small ApartmentStudent_Living_Room_Decor__Black_White_Gray_Monochrome_Taylor_Seely

If you read or browsed through my apartment tour from last year, you’ve already seen a lot of the furniture, it’s just styled totally different this year. That table in the corner is a great, affordable piece I got from Overstock. Unfortunately, the chairs that came with were very low quality and actually broke after leaning on them. Luckily, only using two chairs really works for this apartment, so next time you’re buying a kitchen table, don’t assume you need four or more chairs. If you have guests, just get creative and use your desk chairs, bar stools or perhaps patio chairs!

Apartment Dining Table Decor_Ikea_Overstock_Dash Daisy Blog_Taylor SeelyP.S. – If you are in love with this wooden flower holder like I am, MY MOM makes them. She’s super handy with woodwork, so message me if you’re ever interested in pieces from her.

Apartment Kitchen Bar Stools_Sitting Nook_Ikea_Target_Etsy_Taylor Seely_Dash Daisy Blog

Apartment Living Decor Ideas_Black white monochrome_taylor seely_dash daisy blog_ikea_target

Styling an Apartment Hallway Office

Apartment Office_Hallway Office_Decor_Ikea_Target Style_Rebecca Minkoff_Taylor Seely_Dash Daisy BlogThis little space was SUPER tricky for me. Spencer and I moved in here in May, and I just now completed this area to my liking (and it’s practically July!). The key to making this hallway seem more like an office (and less of a hallway) was to make use of my wall space. This past weekend I added the string lights, pendant light (which I’m in love with), and Ernest Hemingway painting. By adding these three items, there was more going on upward, (but it wasn’t cluttered) so it maximized the space. Apartment_Office_Hallway_Desk_Ikea_Staples_Target_Taylor_seelyWhat I truly love about the string lights is how they light up that originally dingy and creepy corner. Corners are a hard space for me to decorate. Even the corner in the living room with the chair and giant lamp seems a little off to me, so if you have any suggestions for how to spruce that up, BY ALL MEANS let me know. I’m thinking of adding shelves or artwork.

Creating an Inspiration Wall for your Home Office

Inspiration Wall Decor_Darling Magazine_Ernest Hemingway_Dash Daisy Blog_Taylor Seely_Apartment Decor

Inspiration Wall Shelf_52 Lists Project_Darling Magazine_Polaroid_taylor seely_Dash Daisy BlogThe painting and shelf here make up my inspiration wall. Ernest Hemingway is one of my all-time favorite authors, so that painting is pretty self explanatory. The shelf holds letters and gifts I’ve received from people that really touched my heart.. And if you can see, there are a few Darling Magazines. My obsession with Darling could honestly be a whole post of its own, so I won’t get into it. All I’m going to say is, if you haven’t read it BUY A COPY.

Styling your Home Office Desk

Ikea Black White Desk_Apartment Office_Dash Daisy Blog_Taylor_SeelyI’m a firm believer of clean and OPEN work spaces. I really wanted to put magazine holders and cute decorative books on my desk, but honestly, real estate is precious in an apartment, and this desk is tiny as it is. So my suggestion for styling your at-home desk is to remember less is more, unless you have the luxury of using a ginormous desk. In which case, kudos to you #girlboss.

Desk Styling_Wood Plank Styling_Bath Body Works_Zenni Optical_Taylor Seely_Dash Daisy BlogBy the way – DO NOT spend a bunch of money on these cute wooden cut outs at a boutique. The children’s arts and craft section at Target sells this exact piece for $4.99! I was so excited.

Polaroid Photo Holder_Urban Outfitters_Desk Decor_Taylor Seely_Dash Daisy BlogIt’s always nice to have a reminder of someone or something you love on your desk for when times get stressful. Spencer and I take pics on a little polaroid whenever we go someplace fun and adventurous, so this polaroid picture album from Urban Outfitters was PERFECT for me. (If you can’t see it very well, we’re at Disneyland.)

Styling the Ikea Raskog Cart for your Home Office

Ikea Raskog Cart Target String Lights_Apartment Office Decor_Taylor Seely_ Dash of Daisy BlogThis cart was literally the death of me. I’ve had it for over a year now, and I JUST NOW styled it in a way that I actually like. And actually, I can’t even take credit for it. My mom practically styled the whole thing! I love the idea of a coffee cart, but I needed some functionality for other supplies (see the books), so just a single espresso machine and a few cups was the perfect option.

Ikea_Raskog_Cart_Gray_Office_Coffee_Cart_Dash_Daisy_BlogI think the only thing I’d adjust on this cart is the bottom shelf. If you have any suggestions for making that look a little cuter, let me know!

Apartment Office College Student Decor_Ikea_Target_Overstock_Taylor Seely_Dash Daisy Blog

This pendant light was $15 at Target, so literally go buy 10 right now. They’re so cute, and it’s the PERFECT light for at night because it’s practically a spotlight just focused on the desk. (AKA, won’t bug anyone near you)

Decorating an Apartment Balcony

City Apartment Balcony_Metal Railing Balcony_Ikea Bistro Table Set_Dash Daisy Blog_Taylor SeelyForgive me for not having flowers in the little holders. It’s hitting 117 degrees these days in AZ, so it’s pretty much impossible (for me at least) to keep a plant alive. I really need to get some succulents!

City Balcony Decor_Apt Balcony Decor_Taylor Seely_Dash Daisy Blog(Not even going to lie, those are all fake.)

I will post our kitchen, bedroom and bathroom soon, but they’re not totally complete! I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you ever want help styling your own place, or a room in your place, don’t hesitate to reach out.



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