Our Experience Staying in a San Diego AirBNB

Frida-Kahlo-Themed-Studio-San-Diego-CA-AirBNB-Last weekend Spencer and I celebrated our five year anniversary! I cannot believe we’ve been together five years. When you consider that we’re only 21, that’s pretty crazy! To know that he was one of the first persons I drove around in my 1998 Honda Accord at 16 is absolutely insane.

Needless to say, we wanted to celebrate big time! So we rented an AirBNB in San Diego about 15 minutes from Coronado and 20 minutes from Mission Beach. We were so, so happy with the experience.


As you can see, the studio was entirely Frida Kahlo themed! It was so, so cute. There were so many tiny details in this place that made it all the better. For example, there was a magnet on the fridge of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. So awesome!


It was really cool to see how this AirBNB was organized considering the limited space. It definitely gave Spencer and I some design ideas should we ever move into a studio…. (a definite possibility). There was no couch, and I think over time I might get a bit claustrophobic without the walking space. If you’ve seen Spencer and I’s apartment (click here for a tour), you know our couch can expand into a full-sized bed. I think a solution could be to use that couch, and at night, expand it and place a mattress topper for quality sleep.

Frida Kahlo Fridge Magnets AirBNB San Diego CABy the way, how cute are those yellow tiles? I love the idea of a kitchen like this in the future!

Bedroom-View-of-Frida-Kahlo-Themed-AirBNB-in-San-Diego,-CAAnyway, throughout the four days Spencer and I were there, we spent a majority of our time at the beach! I loved it, and Spencer did too, but he’s a ginger! So bless his soul for sticking it out and re-applying sunscreen every hour. We totally love Mission Beach. I mean, Coronado is great, but it’s definitely a fancier crowd.

Frida-Kahlo-Inspired-Studio-San-Diego-CA-AirBNBAt Mission, we didn’t feel any pressure to act a certain way or keep to ourselves. We rented bikes and road along the board walk, rented boogie boards and had a blast, pigged out on giant ice cream cones, and bought a frisbee to play with! You wouldn’t think a frisbee would be super fun, but it was awesome! It was just so nice to play like kids and be silly and giggle. We laughed so much together. I feel so grateful to have someone to laugh with.

Frida-Kahlo-Sewing-Machine-AirBNB-San-Diego-CAWe also ate the most amazing donuts from downtown San Diego at The Donut Bar. Holy moly that place is incredible.



Frida Kahlo SideTable San Diego StudioOverall, it was an excellent trip, and I loved using AirBNB. It was so much easier than booking a hotel, so much more cost friendly, and I loved the decor! Spencer and I will most definitely use the app in the future.

By the way, if any of you guys have questions about AirBNB or San Diego or life in general, feel free to shoot me a message! I’m happy to answer specific questions about my experience.



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