Inspire, Energize, Support

When I started this blog I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it or what it’s purpose would be, so I avoided writing any type of mission statement. Dash of Daisy has just been a creative outlet for myself. I get these ideas in my head and then they end up on this blog.

But I also want you all to voluntarily visit my site, and I think in order for that to happen I need to establish some sort of purpose – some way of making this blog relevant to your lives.

Rather than asking myself, ‘What do I want this blog to do?’ I asked myself, ‘What do I want to do? What type of impact do I want to have on people?’ No joke, the answer came to me so fast.

notebook goal closeupDeep down I really know how I want to affect people. So I’m just going to share what exactly I wrote in my notes:

notebook goals

Just incase my cursive is illegible, here it is typed out:

I want to inspire people …

  • to value themselves and the little things in life
  • to let them know they have something to offer

I want to energize people

  • to give them a peak of confidence to take that next step in their life, wherever that may lead
  • to make them feel invincible

I want to support people

  • to make them feel like, ‘you’ve got a friend in me’
  • to make them feel like they could message me and just tell me anything

I want to be relatable… but more than anything else, I want to be personable.

bottom notebook


3 thoughts on “About

    1. Hey Maggie! Do you mean advice for college or graphic design specifically? I am a minor in graphic design and I have not officially started classes for it yet! I start next semester!


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