Dashing Through The AZ State Fair

Since Spencer and I started dating in 2011 (holy crap), we’ve vowed to go to the fair every year it comes to town. But like so many others, we NEVER DO, which is so sad because Spencer had never gone… until this year! That’s right, I took Spencer’s state fair virginity, and I’m dang proud of it. So I’m not going to ramble. I’ll get to the … Continue reading Dashing Through The AZ State Fair

Thoughts on Whether Criticism is Necessary by Dash of Daisy blogger Taylor Seely

Healthy Criticism is Necessary

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about constructive criticism versus unnecessary judgments or exploitation. Of course I’m opposed to any cruelness toward others, but I think drawing the line between being helpful and being hurtful is more difficult than we think. I have become more sensitive with age, and I doubt I’m alone when I say I over-analyze and read into everything said to or … Continue reading Healthy Criticism is Necessary

All White Miranda Kerr-Inspired Casual Wear

Last year I found this street style picture of Miranda Kerr and was determined to recreate her outfit. I finally did, with only a few minor changes – leopard pumps, not mules, a plain white tank, not striped, and a hat with straight hair. I loved Kerr’s black and white-striped tank, but I could not find one that fit me the way hers fit. I … Continue reading All White Miranda Kerr-Inspired Casual Wear

Dash of Daisy Blog Taylor Seely Wearing Culottes and Ralph Lauren Pumps for Fall Fashion in Hot Arizona

Dressing For Fall When It’s Still Hot

Anyone who knows anything about Arizona knows there are only two temperatures here – hot and a little less hot. I’d say cold, but it’s only cold to Native Arizonans… Lows of 65 degrees everywhere else in the U.S. is considered normal. So when it’s October and we’re still hitting 99 degrees, this is how we dress for fall.   By the way, I’m fairly certain … Continue reading Dressing For Fall When It’s Still Hot

More S’mores Please!

I’m not much of a “let’s celebrate every national food day”-type-of-girl, because quite frankly there’s way too many for me to remember. But s’mores are a yummy treat that Arizonans rarely get to eat because it’s almost never cold enough to have a fire to make them… So today, in honor of National S’mores Day, I give you “indoor s’mores!” If you want to give it … Continue reading More S’mores Please!

Relationship Lesson: Confessions of a Clean Freak

Writing this post, I know immediately my mom is going to scoff at the title. I was a slob as a child and even now during the school year my room gets messy and the dishes stack up. When it comes to summer vacation though, I have the time to relax and tidy up each day, so I do. I even find it somewhat therapeutic. The past … Continue reading Relationship Lesson: Confessions of a Clean Freak

Day Trip to Slide Rock in Sedona

In my experience, day trips usually go one of two ways: completely crappy or unbelievably amazing. It’s not common that it’s a mix, but this trip was. I know the photos don’t reflect that. You don’t typically take pictures when you’re grouchy and irritable. But taking a trip that started off mediocre, upgraded to nice, downgraded to hostile and then ended beautifully was even better than … Continue reading Day Trip to Slide Rock in Sedona