My Truth About Coachella

Welcome to pre-Coachella Taylor. Now, I know what you’re thinking… Or at least I have a pretty good guess. Some of you are thinking, “OMG! I wish I could go.. gah it’s so pretty there and so many good bands, so much fun picking outfits! The other half… “O..M…G… people like totally don’t even go to Coachella for the music. It’s all about the fashion … Continue reading My Truth About Coachella

Boots And Blazers In Coffee Shops

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.Originally I wanted to do a different outfit for today’s post…but it just wasn’t clicking and it got rainy out and one thing led to another, and well… now we’re here. It’s kind of funny how I just always end up in coffee shops. Luckily, this one was insanely cool. It’s in downtown Phoenix, and it goes by the name Cartel! I got this … Continue reading Boots And Blazers In Coffee Shops

Dressin’ Fun In The AZ Sun

Winter’s chilly breeze is swirling out of town, and the typical Arizona sun is causing glistening beads of sweat to drip down my unbelievably pale skin… But even as we kiss the *imaginary* snowflakes good bye and welcome the triple-digit temps, I can’t help but look forward to sunny-day attire. The little ruffles lining this romper were just the perfect addition, in my opinion. Not to mention, … Continue reading Dressin’ Fun In The AZ Sun

Kate Spade And Leopard Heels

So I’ve had these leopard heels for a good five months now, and I’ve been waitin’ to bust them out! I think pairing an out-there pump with some solid patterns make it totally appropriate for the workplace. And I mean, c’mon. Blazers always make things fancy. And this “Be Dazzling” clutch (one of my favorite Christmas gifts!) is seriously adorable. It’s perfect for a girls … Continue reading Kate Spade And Leopard Heels

Dressing For An Interview

Hello again! Today’s post is a little special to me because it’s documenting an achievement of mine – I scored my very first INTERNSHIP! I am absolutely thrilled about it. Incase you haven’t read my About Me, I’ll fill you in quickly – I’m a journalism student at the Walter Cronkite School in Arizona. I went to an internship fair about two weeks ago, interviewed for five different companies, … Continue reading Dressing For An Interview

Fashion Click Friday, Part 3

Thanks to my pal Instagram, I stumbled upon this beyond-amazing online shop:! Seriously, I love it. It’s a perfect little shop for people who love Free People but don’t want to drop two to three hundred dollars on a dress. I’ll admit, verge girl is still a bit on the pricey side for my college-student-budget, but after a month of working decent hours, I would definitely treat … Continue reading Fashion Click Friday, Part 3