More S’mores Please!

I’m not much of a “let’s celebrate every national food day”-type-of-girl, because quite frankly there’s way too many for me to remember. But s’mores are a yummy treat that Arizonans rarely get to eat because it’s almost never cold enough to have a fire to make them… So today, in honor of National S’mores Day, I give you “indoor s’mores!” If you want to give it … Continue reading More S’mores Please!

Visiting Chestnut, No Explanation Necessary

If you were one of Dash of Daisy’s first readers, you probably remember my post about that delicious restaurant with the scones I was so obsessed with. Allow me to introduce to you Chestnut Fine Foods and Provisions. I had the pleasure of interviewing Kirstin Steele, owner of Chestnut, about her experiences in the restaurant industry. Kirstin opened the restaurant just a little over a year … Continue reading Visiting Chestnut, No Explanation Necessary

Boots And Blazers In Coffee Shops

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.Originally I wanted to do a different outfit for today’s post…but it just wasn’t clicking and it got rainy out and one thing led to another, and well… now we’re here. It’s kind of funny how I just always end up in coffee shops. Luckily, this one was insanely cool. It’s in downtown Phoenix, and it goes by the name Cartel! I got this … Continue reading Boots And Blazers In Coffee Shops

Chestnut – Home To The Yummiest Scones In Phoenix

When I attended the bloguettes seminar almost a month ago, I ate the most delicious mini oat scones, and I had to know where they came from! Seriously you guys, they were life changing. I didn’t even like scones before these babies. I found out they came from Chestnut, a restaurant on Camelback and 44th street. Lucky for me, this little restaurant is only 15 minutes … Continue reading Chestnut – Home To The Yummiest Scones In Phoenix

Shine Coffee In Downtown Phoenix

If you recently met Howard in my last blog post, you might be wondering where we were, since I mentioned a super cute coffee shop but didn’t say where exactly. Well, drumroll please… I PRESENT SHINE COFFEE! As you can see, it’s a pretty unconventional shop. It’s more of a coffee stand. Wait just kidding. Actually a coffee bar. As you can see it’s at 10 W. … Continue reading Shine Coffee In Downtown Phoenix

My Date With Howard, The Coffee Whiz

World, meet Howard. Howard is a nice, older gentleman I met when I recently visited a new coffee shop in downtown Phoenix called Shine Coffee. I will do a post on it soon because the place was just too cute for words, but first… I want to share what a great experience I had with Howard. This was Howard’s little work station in the corner … Continue reading My Date With Howard, The Coffee Whiz