Our Experience Staying in a San Diego AirBNB

Using AirBnB in San Diego, California as a place to stay for Spencer and I’s five year anniversary was a unique and amazingly fun experience. We found it to be much easier than booking a hotel and much more cost friendly. Continue reading Our Experience Staying in a San Diego AirBNB

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Styling Our Downtown Phoenix Apartment

Styling a tiny apartment-sized living room is almost always difficult. For Spencer and I, we didn’t even get a tour of our apartment before moving in! BUT, we did get a blue-print with room dimensions, and that helped a lot. I like to know exactly where my furniture and decor will go before I move in because for one, it makes things less stressful. The second reason … Continue reading Styling Our Downtown Phoenix Apartment


Setting Up An Apartment-Sized Office

This semester I’m taking online classes, starting my thesis and receiving credit for an editorial internship at Arizona Foothills Magazine. I’m not much of an online class person, but it’s just how it worked out this semester. My biggest fear was my ability to focus, considering Spencer and I share a room.I’m also the type of person who needs the right atmosphere to get things … Continue reading Setting Up An Apartment-Sized Office

Finally Fall In Phoenix

Happy fall, readers! I’m so excited for this season. I’ve already got my favorite candle burning every day, and lucky for me, my roommate took the liberty to decorate our entire apartment for Halloween! I made some pumpkin bread last week, but I’ll admit it’s already gone. PS – Trader Joe’s has the BEST pumpkin bread, especially if you don’t have the time to make … Continue reading Finally Fall In Phoenix