Sick And Silly And Feeling Rejected

These past few days have been, well, hell. For those that don’t know, (first time readers? yay!), I’m a dance teacher at a studio in Scottsdale. That means constant exposure to sickness. (It means a heck of a lot of fun, too!) Anyway, somewhere in the midst of passing hundreds of kids each week, I caught a mixture of like five million sicknesses and got … Continue reading Sick And Silly And Feeling Rejected

Fashion Click Friday: Part 2

We’ve seen loafers, Birkenstocks, chokers and even overalls come back in fashion. This Friday I’m predicting a new fashion trend:  nothing other than mini leather backpacks. At first I was thinking… Ew? That’s so awkward… But honestly, after looking up some of these bags/ purses, I’m sort of loving them! Is that weird or am I not alone in this? In order: 3.1 Phillip Lim from Barneys, … Continue reading Fashion Click Friday: Part 2

Fashion Click Friday: Majtees

I ran across this online shop, MAJTEES, recently, and I think I’m obsessed! I’m not much of a graphic-tee-type-of-girl, but these ones are just too cute to pass up! Here are a few of my faves! But OKAY my inner grammar girl just has to say it — It should be “I wish I were an Olsen twin.” Not was… just sayin’. I still love them though! … Continue reading Fashion Click Friday: Majtees