Avoid The Waves, Take Life One Ripple At A Time

Spring break came and spring break went, and as I sit sipping my coffee after my first full day of classes, I can’t help but long for summer. I mean honestly, my mouth is watering just from the thought of ice cream on the beach. But that has me thinking about how it’s so easy to live life “vacation-to-vacation.” “I can’t wait for summer,” or, … Continue reading Avoid The Waves, Take Life One Ripple At A Time

You Are More Than Your Job Title

A couple weeks ago I was thinking about how when we meet someone and do the typical introduction and small talk, we almost always ask, “So what do you do?” To which the person usually responds, “Oh I’m a (insert job title here).” I probably thought about it because I’ve been introducing myself as “a student journalist at ASU,” so much lately for interviews, and it feels weird because … Continue reading You Are More Than Your Job Title

Phoenix’s First Friday

First Friday in downtown Phoenix… a time for crazy hipsters, emotional artists and drunkards to roam the streets. Or, a time for creation. Which is what I prefer to see it as. Whether it’s really skilled, experienced artists on the street or amateurs trying to make it big, it’s so fun to roam Roosevelt Row and see the creations taking place. I don’t want to write … Continue reading Phoenix’s First Friday

Happiness, Appreciation And All Things Cliché

Recently I’ve wanted to do a post on the ever-cliché theme “appreciation,” and it’s reoccurring presence in my life, but I didn’t know how or where to start. While brainstorming this idea, I was listening to “Falling,” by Haim, and if you didn’t know, I’m completely OBSESSED with music. So I smile while listening because I have a flashback to 10 minutes prior when I … Continue reading Happiness, Appreciation And All Things Cliché

Sundresses And Floppy Hats? It’s Summer

With it being summer, I took full advantage of cheesy floral dresses and big floppy hats. The funny thing is, when I see other girls in outfits like mine above I think, “I couldn’t pull that off… I just never have a place to wear that and I don’t know… I’d look out of place.” I find pretty much any excuse I can to talk … Continue reading Sundresses And Floppy Hats? It’s Summer

A Flower’s Foundation

I’d like to take this time to discuss a topic of the utmost importance. Flowers. And yes, I’m serious. I’ve been thinking about flowers lately. Their colors, their shapes, the way they make you feel and why… My favorite flower, although you’d think is a daisy, is actually a sunflower. When I see sunflowers I smile and jump and say, “Look! A sunflower!” Every. Single. Time.  … Continue reading A Flower’s Foundation