Dressing Before the Heat Strikes

Yesterday, Arizona broke a record. Earliest 90º temp EVER! Needless to say, I’m not thrilled about it. I do miss the warmth, but I’d be happy with a few more months of 70s. I figured – I simply cannot wait. I’ve gotta post this outfit before it’s too late! Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Shop this look: Zara Top (similar, similar) … Continue reading Dressing Before the Heat Strikes

How To Wear OTK Boots with a Victorian-Style Blouse

If you read my post on tips for shopping at Forever 21, you know I had over-the-knee boots on my wish list for the holidays. Thanks to Black Friday and getting really lucky, I was able to find them! (Click here for a similar pair I originally wanted!) This season I’m really into the Victorian-style blouses, probably because of the H&M and Balmain Collaboration. I love how … Continue reading How To Wear OTK Boots with a Victorian-Style Blouse

The Perfect Red Heels for the Holidays

This may be absolutely awful to admit, but I totally go black Friday shopping for myself. I like to shop for the clothing deals, and as much as I’d like to buy clothes for friends and family, it stresses me out! I don’t know their sizes, I don’t know their style… It’s just too much. So this past year, I just went for myself. I … Continue reading The Perfect Red Heels for the Holidays

Dashing Through The AZ State Fair

Since Spencer and I started dating in 2011 (holy crap), we’ve vowed to go to the fair every year it comes to town. But like so many others, we NEVER DO, which is so sad because Spencer had never gone… until this year! That’s right, I took Spencer’s state fair virginity, and I’m dang proud of it. So I’m not going to ramble. I’ll get to the … Continue reading Dashing Through The AZ State Fair

Thoughts on Whether Criticism is Necessary by Dash of Daisy blogger Taylor Seely

Healthy Criticism is Necessary

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about constructive criticism versus unnecessary judgments or exploitation. Of course I’m opposed to any cruelness toward others, but I think drawing the line between being helpful and being hurtful is more difficult than we think. I have become more sensitive with age, and I doubt I’m alone when I say I over-analyze and read into everything said to or … Continue reading Healthy Criticism is Necessary