Shine Coffee In Downtown Phoenix

If you recently met Howard in my last blog post, you might be wondering where we were, since I mentioned a super cute coffee shop but didn’t say where exactly. Well, drumroll please… I PRESENT SHINE COFFEE! As you can see, it’s a pretty unconventional shop. It’s more of a coffee stand. Wait just kidding. Actually a coffee bar. As you can see it’s at 10 W. … Continue reading Shine Coffee In Downtown Phoenix

Phoenix’s First Friday

First Friday in downtown Phoenix… a time for crazy hipsters, emotional artists and drunkards to roam the streets. Or, a time for creation. Which is what I prefer to see it as. Whether it’s really skilled, experienced artists on the street or amateurs trying to make it big, it’s so fun to roam Roosevelt Row and see the creations taking place. I don’t want to write … Continue reading Phoenix’s First Friday