Transitioning Gym Gear to Street Style

For my April column in College Times, I wrote about transitioning your gym look to an acceptable, out-in-public street style look. The biggest piece of advice I can offer is contrast. I typically always wear leggings when I work out – so if you’re like me and wear tighter pants, go with a looser top half. Also, if you sweat a lot (like me), then you’ll … Continue reading Transitioning Gym Gear to Street Style

How To Wear OTK Boots with a Victorian-Style Blouse

If you read my post on tips for shopping at Forever 21, you know I had over-the-knee boots on my wish list for the holidays. Thanks to Black Friday and getting really lucky, I was able to find them! (Click here for a similar pair I originally wanted!) This season I’m really into the Victorian-style blouses, probably because of the H&M and Balmain Collaboration. I love how … Continue reading How To Wear OTK Boots with a Victorian-Style Blouse

All White Miranda Kerr-Inspired Casual Wear

Last year I found this street style picture of Miranda Kerr and was determined to recreate her outfit. I finally did, with only a few minor changes – leopard pumps, not mules, a plain white tank, not striped, and a hat with straight hair. I loved Kerr’s black and white-striped tank, but I could not find one that fit me the way hers fit. I … Continue reading All White Miranda Kerr-Inspired Casual Wear

My Truth About Coachella

Welcome to pre-Coachella Taylor. Now, I know what you’re thinking… Or at least I have a pretty good guess. Some of you are thinking, “OMG! I wish I could go.. gah it’s so pretty there and so many good bands, so much fun picking outfits! The other half… “O..M…G… people like totally don’t even go to Coachella for the music. It’s all about the fashion … Continue reading My Truth About Coachella

Dressing For An Interview

Hello again! Today’s post is a little special to me because it’s documenting an achievement of mine – I scored my very first INTERNSHIP! I am absolutely thrilled about it. Incase you haven’t read my About Me, I’ll fill you in quickly – I’m a journalism student at the Walter Cronkite School in Arizona. I went to an internship fair about two weeks ago, interviewed for five different companies, … Continue reading Dressing For An Interview