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Coachella 2016: Day Two Look

If there’s anything I’ve learned about dressing for Coachella, it’s to take comfort seriously. Of course you want to get all festive and crazy (because when else can you wear chunky necklaces that cover your entire chest), but honestly – you’re in the middle of some polo fields for three days straight. It gets hot, you’re walking constantly (and jumping and dancing and everything in-between), … Continue reading Coachella 2016: Day Two Look

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Coachella 2016 Looks: Day One

It’s probably not a surprise that one of my favorite components of Coachella is the fashion. I’ve already spoken about this in previous posts, but it’s just so exciting to see all the fun outfits put together each year. It’s also, obviously, fun to be the one putting together outfits! So I figured I’d show some of the looks I’m planning for this upcoming weekend, … Continue reading Coachella 2016 Looks: Day One

Dressing Before the Heat Strikes

Yesterday, Arizona broke a record. Earliest 90º temp EVER! Needless to say, I’m not thrilled about it. I do miss the warmth, but I’d be happy with a few more months of 70s. I figured – I simply cannot wait. I’ve gotta post this outfit before it’s too late! Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Shop this look: Zara Top (similar, similar) … Continue reading Dressing Before the Heat Strikes

Dashing Through The AZ State Fair

Since Spencer and I started dating in 2011 (holy crap), we’ve vowed to go to the fair every year it comes to town. But like so many others, we NEVER DO, which is so sad because Spencer had never gone… until this year! That’s right, I took Spencer’s state fair virginity, and I’m dang proud of it. So I’m not going to ramble. I’ll get to the … Continue reading Dashing Through The AZ State Fair

Fashion Click Friday, Part 3

Thanks to my pal Instagram, I stumbled upon this beyond-amazing online shop: vergegirl.com! Seriously, I love it. It’s a perfect little shop for people who love Free People but don’t want to drop two to three hundred dollars on a dress. I’ll admit, verge girl is still a bit on the pricey side for my college-student-budget, but after a month of working decent hours, I would definitely treat … Continue reading Fashion Click Friday, Part 3