Dashing Through The AZ State Fair

Since Spencer and I started dating in 2011 (holy crap), we’ve vowed to go to the fair every year it comes to town. But like so many others, we NEVER DO, which is so sad because Spencer had never gone… until this year! That’s right, I took Spencer’s state fair virginity, and I’m dang proud of it. So I’m not going to ramble. I’ll get to the … Continue reading Dashing Through The AZ State Fair

Fashion Click Friday: Part 2

We’ve seen loafers, Birkenstocks, chokers and even overalls come back in fashion. This Friday I’m predicting a new fashion trend:  nothing other than mini leather backpacks. At first I was thinking… Ew? That’s so awkward… But honestly, after looking up some of these bags/ purses, I’m sort of loving them! Is that weird or am I not alone in this? In order: 3.1 Phillip Lim from Barneys, … Continue reading Fashion Click Friday: Part 2